Girl Determined To Ride Horse, Mom’s Captured Footage Is Delighting The Internet

For many little girls, having a horse of their own is something that they dream about. They play with My Little Ponies and toy horses and beg for the occasional riding lesson. If they are lucky, they might get to go on a pony ride, visit with horses and have the opportunity to pet them and groom them. Maybe, they are allowed to ride on their own for just a little bit.

Some, very lucky little girls, get to have horses in their lives. Perhaps their parents rode when they were younger or still have horses of their own. The luckiest little girls get to grow up on a farm, spend every day with their favorite animals, and learn to ride at a young age.

While it sounds like a dream come true, and it is, growing up on a farm and around horses can be tough. They are large animals that require a lot of care. That means working and looking after them every day of the year. While riding is the fun part, it definitely takes a lot of practice and dedication. Learning to ride isn’t easy at all, especially when you are small, as the little girl in this video shows us. But, she’s determined to be the best rider she can be.

Little Sianna wants to go for a ride on Lady, a Quarter Horse Mare. There’s just one problem — Lady is tall, so Sianna has to figure out a way to get on. Fortunately, not only is she determined, she’s pretty creative. With her mother recording the whole thing, she brings Lady up to the trampoline in the backyard. With a little bit of maneuvering, she’s able to get on all by herself and enjoy a ride. This little girl looks like she has a future as a rider!

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